Jeff and George

We got this book and Fysh absolutely adores it, he knows it so well already that he can read it to me for bedtime now!

Jeff is a passionate young rugby fan and George is his best friend, a tiny little springbok enthusiast of the mascot variety. Together they are the most inventive and inspired little local gang that we have met in a long time. Jeff and George are the creation of author Emily Child and illustrator Julia Anastasopoulos.

Jeff and George appear in their just launched, debut adventure: Jeff and George and the Totem Pole, published by Penguin Books, South Africa. These avid rugby fans live in a small apartment in the heart of the city of Cape Town. It has been raining for days, Table Mountain has vanished behind the clouds. They have sorted the refrigerator three times… they have made mini-potato artworks, washed the dishes… These are two terribly busy chaps. They decide to head out, but they need to be prepared: With a roll of black bin bags and another roll of tape, they set out to invent a head to toe raincoat. Black bags and tape everywhere, they are delightfully inventive and you can tell that this author illustrator team have been around the “kids block” a fair bit: Tape, tape, tape… little bits of tape everywhere… turns out their project was a little ambitious, but they do get an amazing working solution, but I don’t want to overshare, just to say there are a lot of black bags, masses of tape and heaps of little edifying labels to ensure the readers understand every nuance of their invention. And just as they head outdoors… in typical Cape Town style. The sun comes out… They were so elated that they “pronked” with joy.


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