run baby run

Yesterday Fysh and I went for a “run” at the beach, we ran from the second parking lot up to the blouberg wall and then back again (2.55km) at an easy pace of 9.44min/km which to me isn’t bad considering I had him with. The only problem though was that once we got to the wall and had to turn around he had that “you made me run here for nothing” moment and going back was hell, so where we jogged (him on his scooter) to the wall it was a walk with a sulking 5 year old trailing behind on the way back. 

This morning I decided to try it on my own. Dropped him off at mum, put socks and shoes on and hit the road. i ran 2.44km at an average pace of 6.34min/km. It wasn’t far or fast but it was consistent, I pushed myself hard and didn’t stop or walk so I’m pretty damn proud of myself. 

Now to somehow make it part of my daily routine. I’ll figure it out. 

nike plus


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