cape town to pretoria

We were supposed to fetch The Person today but he’s had to extend his stay so instead of him coming home we’re going to him! Travelling with a toddler isn’t cheap and he pays the same amount as an adult if we fly so we’re off to Pretoria tomorrow – on the train! We’ll take a bus in to town and then catch a ride, train leaves at 10am which means we have to wake up extra early as we have to be there by 9am. And you know it takes a good long time to get into town if you factor in the waiting for the bus and walking with a 5 year old etc.

It’s a 26 and a half hour trip to Johannesburg and then the Gautrain into the capitol so we’ve got snacks packed along with lego, movies, colouring in books and an assortment of hot wheels. I think we’re just about ready! Looking forward to it though, we get to see the country from a whole new perspective and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be taking a whole bunch of photos as we go and there will be a “travelling on the train with a 5 year old” blogpost after all of this. Or maybe a “surviving 26 hours with a toddler in a confined space” blogpost… we’ll see.

Yay for spontaneous travelling and double yay for getting to see my person!


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