when SM friends become RL friends!

When I was up in Pretoria we realised that the gorgeous @hir_or_their lives just around the corner (in jozi terms) from where we were staying at The Person’s mom’s place so we decided that this time while I was that side of the world we’d make a plan to meet up – because when I was there last time things got messed up and we missed each other. I messaged her early on Saturday morning and asked if we could take her up on the offer to dinner. She said yes.

Turns out that The Person had some stuff to do that afternoon and I didn’t want to get in his way or have him worry about us in some way so I arranged with Beth to head her way a little earlier than the arranged time. And I’m so glad I did! There was that whole awkward “hi” for maybe a minute and then we were chatting in full swing and non stop. Fysh and her twins entertained themselves with water sprayers outside (ALWAYS pack in spare clothes – I didn’t and made him dry in the sunshine) while we sat around the kiddies chair munching on watermelon and drinking bullet proof coffee’s – add coconut oil to your coffee next time. You can thank me later.

I also got to meet Beth’s amazing wife! Seeing these two together makes you believe in true love and even makes me rethink my ideas of marriage, okay not really but you get what I’m saying. They’re gag worthy adorable! And B took time to sit down with Fysh and work through animal flash cards, they must have spent a good half hour / 45 minutes sorting them into various groups – reptiles vs winged vs mammal then warm blooded vs cold blooded etc. Fysh enjoyed it so much that he was asking the other night if I could get him some of those cards as well.

Beth made her famous black bean wraps and I snuck in and pretended to help out (I stirred and chopped) so that I could sneak a peek at the recipe. The Person has insisted I learn to make it so that I can recreate it here at home for us. I shall try my best but I somehow doubt they’ll measure up to Beth’s. They were AMAZING. But when I do them I’ll share the recipe. Maybe.

Fysh had so much fun that he passed out on the sofa while we were eating!

And the following day we got to see Beth again, she took us for Happy Me tea (those bubble popping things!!!) and then we missioned to “the” park in Pretoria for a picnic. Thankfully my kid had quick dry shorts on because he discovered the sprinklers and made a beeline for them.

And like that I can add another friend to my list. Meeting someone you’ve made really great friends with online is tricky and you never know how exactly it’s going to turn out. So far I’ve been very lucky in this regard. First @candice_setton and The Person last year now @greenlydia and @hir_or_their this year. So thankful! Here’s to friends. Real or not.


One thought on “when SM friends become RL friends!

  1. The beautiful thing about friendship is that it doesn’t have to be face to face to be real. I often socialise better via SM that in the flesh because online interaction gives you time to think and phrase thoughts.
    It was the best ever getting to meet you and the Fyshness. We’ll see you in Cape Town sooner rather than later!

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