Since we wrote a book (WE WROTE A BOOK!) the writing bug has bit and while we’re working on book 2 we’ve decided to start a new little collaboration between four bloggers this time: #ProjectPoetry

The plan: 4 pieces a week. In each poem a random sentence is highlighted and that will become the first line of the next persons poem and so forth. This is the plan. The same way #LikeLife was planned ;) We’ll keep going round and round for the month. Maybe we’ll post more, who knows. It’s a fun little project to bring back poetry. To make it cool again. It’s a huge challenge for me as I’m not a poet, my sister has always been the poet where as I’m the writer. But let’s give this a go…

It all began with Green Lydia
Then Flat White Concepts took a turn
And next up after me is FabulousMommy

So *suck in breath and hides* here goes…

Bottle it in until it’s ready to burst
This torment, this anger, this thirst
This hunger to fit in
This living in sin

Help her
Save her

Drowning in fears, living in tears of beaten slaves
The ocean pounding the shore , calling for more

Help her
Save her

The scars they show, they won’t go
Cutting deeper, watching it flow
Crimson and sweet

Help her
Save her

Dying on the inside
Helpless and lost in the depths of buried secrets

Help her
Save her

She’s slowly losing to herself

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