Sasko Flour helps you bake!

When I say Sasko what comes to mind? Baking right? Well that’s what I think of anyway, that lovely Sasko flour that can magically transform into delectable brownies or scrumptious biscuits when you add the right ingredients to it. Mmm… now I want cake!

So why am I making you crave delicious treats? Because Sasko Flour would like to say thank you for being such amazing people and to reward you for reading my blog, okay well not really but I’d like to think so ;)

They’ve offered up the most amazing prizes ever and have given me the go ahead to sort them as I wish so I’ve decided we’ll have more than one winner. What can you win… well here goes…

PRIZE 1: A spatula, a measuring cup, measuring spoons, a Prestige 4 piece baking set, a Le Creuset cake stand, a Carrol Boyes recipe stand, a Carrol Boyes pie slicer AND a Kenwood K mixer!!!

PRIZE 2: A Carrol Boyes recipe stand and a Carrol Boyes pie slicer!

PRIZE 3: A spatula, a measuring cup, measuring spoons and a Prestige 4 piece baking set!

Pretty bleeping awesome right? I mean how amazing is that?!
And winning is easy, well it’s more a game of chance but you don’t get a chance unless you enter either. So what do you have to do? It’s pretty simple really…

Like Sasko Flour on Facebook
Like CupcakeMummy on Facebook
Tweet about the giveaway (remember to tag @cupcakemummy)
Leave a comment about what your favourite thing to bake is and what you would bake if you won any of the above mentioned prizes (bonus point if you pick one of the recipes that Sasko Flour has on their facebook page)

*** Competition will run until the 8th of October and winners will be drawn out of a hat by Fysh on the 10th. Winners will be announced on our facebook page at 12pm on Friday 10 October ***


85 thoughts on “Sasko Flour helps you bake!

  1. Amazing giveaway tweeted ! Following both on facebook already ! If I won I would make cupcakes and display them on my gorgeous Le Creuset cake stand using the KMIX to prepare my mix @verushka 143

  2. I would love to try the recipe that caught my eye yesterday on the Sasko Facebook page which is the Greek Almond Biscuits…Biscuits is the one thing I haven’t tried much of because I have hot hands which makes the dough melt but as they say practice makes perfect…liked as Candice Terblanche on Facebook and tweeted as Invisable_ct

  3. I’d use my beautiful kmix to make the Sasko Pistachio Strawberry tart and display it on my Le Creuset cake stand of course! Tea time never looked better.
    Liked both pages and sharing on twitter @fayinthemaze :)

  4. Ooh, these prizes sound wonderful. I want to try baking a vegan angel food cake for my mom because it’s here favourite cake.

  5. This is such a lovely giveaway! I enjoy baking pavlova and I would like to try the Sasko Tres Leches Cake Jars. They’d be the perfect snack to take along on a picnic with my boys.

  6. Liked both pages and tweeted. This would be a perfect wedding gift for me and the fiance. I’d make the decadent double chocolate banana bread cos it is so divine. From the Sasko recipes, I’d totally try the Chocolate Ale Cake

  7. My favourite thing is definitely chocolate brownies, they are so yummy. The other two are coconut cake served with custard or baking a vanilla sponge cake and mixing the icing with coconut cream and desiccated coconut. It is so yummy! Have tweeted as samiola_88

  8. Awesome prizes! I love making brownies and would like to try the Sasko butter bean brownies. Followed both fb pages ages ago. Have tweeted.

  9. Awesome competition,with such wonderful prizes *YAY*!!!!!! I love baking and would bake a Chunky Apple Cake. This tender, moist cake is full of old-fashioned comfort, and the yummy brown sugar sauce makes it oh-so-special. For a festive occasion, you can top it with a dollop of whipped cream…YUMMY! Following both you and Sasko on Facebook and I I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed!

  10. Wooooweeee, what a nice giveaway!

    I am fans of both your Facebook pages – Roxanne Chutthergoon on Facebook.
    I have tweeted and my Twitter handle is @Roxi_23
    I would love to bake the Butter Bean Brownies from the Sasko recipe book – sounds like a yummy twist! : )

  11. I love baking Malva pudding, Milk Tart and Lemon Meringue Pie. I would love to try the Sasko Flour Doughnut Pops. @NicolaLMeyer

  12. I like baking biscuits with my kids. I would make the Sasko Christmas Tree Decoration Biscuits. Tweeted @ChristellevanR1 and liked on FB.

  13. Wow, such a stunning prize. Id make the Delicious Greek Almond Biscuits for my Greek husband. I already follow on FB & twitter – @JaxxLisa

  14. My favorite new thing to bake is Madeleines, they seems so simple and yet they are so versatile. I also enjoy baking cupcakes, cheesecake, churros and making my own pasta. Thanks for an awesome giveaway and a great blog :)

  15. I love to bake Cheesecake, if I won I would love to try the Tres Leches jar cake, it looks divine! Tweeted @anitasteenkamp1 like and love you both on facebook!

  16. Ok so I really need this.. My kids love baking! And I have always wanted to make churros… In fact my kids love baking so much that I am currently prepping to make pancakes and muffins, and they are fighting over the beater… Please pick me!

  17. Oh man, that first prize is EPIC!
    I’ve like both pages for ages, but tweeted now.
    My favourite thing to bake, HAS to be chocolate brownies. Nothing more delicious!

  18. Helloooooo, thank you for this awesome prize!! I just liked both you and Sasko on FB and tweeted to let more folks know about this.

    I LOVE baking any type of cookies, so with this new equipment rocking my kitchen, I’d try out Sasko’s recipe for Greek Almond Biscuits.

  19. WOW, Such an awesome prize!
    I don’t bake too often because i dont have the right tools, my hubby usually does all the heave mixing for me ;) and as a reward he gets to lick the bowl clean.
    I enjoy making different types and bread’s the one i do most often s a corn bread, that everyone enjoys when we braai. This is definitely on the list to make if I win

  20. I would most definitely try the Sasko Tres Leches Cake Jars. They look so very trendy and pretty. Would try them out for upcoming Eid :) Would make my tables super pretty :) Liked and Tweeted :)

  21. I love baking chocolate cake and the Vanilla Twinkies recipe on the Sasko Flour facebook page would be awesome to try out.

  22. My favourite thing to bake is vanilla biscuits, and then mix in different treats to flavour them! (Mmmm cherry and white chocolate? Jellytot vanilla? Peppermint crisp cookies? YES PLEASE!!).

    BUT if I win this prize, I would definitely use my new culinary prezzies to try my hand at the Sasko Mama Ama Treat Treat Banana and Granadilla Yoghurt Cake! Mmm sounds just perfect for summer :)

  23. Liked, liked and shared @themommycity. I liked to bake muffins, all sorts and you have to eat them while they are hot with lots of butter. If I won (holding thumbs as these are incredible prizes) I would try make the cinnamon and pear pie pops as they would be fun for the kiddies and look impressive whilst still easy to make.

  24. i have liked Sasko Flour on Facebook
    already a fan of CupcakeMummy on Facebook
    Tweeted about the giveaway @rehanaseedat My favourite thing to bake is Chocolate Banana & Marble Cake from Sasko recipe book

  25. What an incredible prize wow! I browsed through the FB album and saw the most delectable chocolate fondant, if I can get my hands on the recipe that is exactly what I would bake! (I’ve tweeted)

  26. How completely serendipitous is this!? The competition ends on 8 October, which is my birthday. AND I’m a baking nut :D Simply loved the recipe book on their Facebook page – they’ve done it so beautifully. Having given it a careful peruse, I’d like to try the crispy pancake recipe – looks positively scrumpsh! Already liked you both on FB, and will tweet about the comp again now :)

  27. My favourite thing to bake is Banana Loaf and Milk tart.If i win this awesome prize i will make the Banana and Granadilla Yoghurt Cake i cant wait to taste the cake.tweeted and shared on facebook.

  28. Amazing giveaway!! Thank you Cupcakemummy, and Sasko!! :) I love baking and trying new recipes, it gives me so much joy to see my family and friends enjoying what i have made, and the smell of freshly baked goods filling the kitchen is amazing! First thing i would make is the Orange and coconut cake from the Sasko Flour recipes! Holding thumbs!!

  29. Amazing giveaway already tweeted ! Following you
    both on facebook ! If I won I would make the yummy Sasko Eclairs with the KMIX and use the Le Creuset cake stand to show them off!

  30. That is a really covetable list of prizes. I’m not much of a baker, but I think I’d probably give the Cinnamon Hearts from the Sasko recipe book a try.

    I’ve liked The Cupcake Mummy and Sasko Flour on Face book

    *holding thumbs*

  31. My favourite thing to bake is chocolate cake and if i win i would love to ry the French Raspberry Eclairs with White chocolate yummy – recipe found on the sasko fb page
    Liked both pages, following on twitter @raggie_786 and retweeted the competition :)

  32. Like & shared!!! I think the first thing I would make if I win this awesome prize is the chocolate, banana and hazelnut jars from the Sasko facebook page! Wow those look delicious!!! @cariken

  33. Oh fab giveaway, would love to try the Sasko recipe on butter bean brownies, love baking i think my pecan-nut cookies are a favorite with my family, ive tweeted about com @stefeg79

  34. Definitely need to try the Greek almond biscuits. Mixed with the awesome KMix and displayed on a gorgeous Le Creuset stand obvs.
    This is a totally amazing giveaway…. May my wish for this prize make it’s way to Fysh’s hands as he does the draw hehe
    Rushda xx

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  36. My favourite thing to bake is vanilla cake. If I won any of these awesome prizes I’d love to bake the Sasko Greek Almond Biscuits from their facebook page. I like both pages on facebook, following on twitter and tweeted as @LadyS____

  37. My fav things to bake are chocolate cake(topped with caramel and some whippes cream) and choc brownies:)

    If I won I would love to try out the Sasko Greek Almond Biscuits because it looks delicious.. I’m already following both pages on facebook and tweeting @0820766294 for an extra entry.

  38. oh wow awesome giveaway..if i win i would make Sasko Cinnamon & Pear Pie Pops.

    hmm just reading through the recipe…i think i WILL make these just to taste :)
    liked and tweeted

  39. Oh wow what a great prize…..its my dads bday coming up soon so I woukd make mini muffins,a cake and some soetcookies…..all the thinz he loves.dont see him often as im in jhb and hes in pe but hes spending two months with me in jhb for a little hiliday….;)shared and already liked both

  40. Liked, Liked, tweeted and now for a comment:

    I’d definitely bake 10-minute bread rolls and the peanut butter biscuits. YUM!

    (Also, how awesome is that recipe book on their Facebook page?!)

  41. I love baking, my most used recipe is Banana Bread. I would love to try Sasko’s recipes for Back to Basics Italian Pizza dough, and also the French Raspberry Éclairs with White chocolate. Both sound delicious.

  42. Wow! wow!! wowee!! this is a fantastic giveaway!! This is amazing!! I love to bake with my daughter and would love to bake more!! weoften bake cupcakes and cake!! If I won this, the first recipe id bake would be Sasko flours Ginger Snaps!! I love ginger snaps..they are my weakness!! Love this!! have fingers tightly crossed xx

  43. My husband is coming back from working overseas so i think the Sasko Stew with dumplings is going to be his welcome home meal! Yum. Thanks CupcakeMum x

  44. Love cheesecake!!!! Will definitely spoil my family with that or second choice would be my hubby’s favourite lemon meringue pie. X

  45. Since being a S.A.H.M for the past two years I rediscovered my love for baking. I always enjoy baking my moist carrot cake with cream cheese topping and if I win ill definitely be trying out my ‘ baked dark chocolate cheese cake ‘ recipe .

    Tweeted from @zaynabsaiet (zay_ni)

  46. I absolutely love baking especially biscuits, and my toddlers love to help decorate them. If I am lucky enough to win this, I will be making Christmas Tree decoration biscuits from the sasko recipe book on their page with my kiddies… just in time for Christmas and I’m sure my kiddies will have the time of their lives helping me decorate it :-)

  47. I fell in love with the Sasko Doughnut Pops that they posted a few weeks ago. Cute, colourful and gorgeous little pops on a stick. That is the first thing I’d bake with my new equipment if I were to win one of these stunning hampers.

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  49. CUPPY cakes, Cuppy Cakes.we love Cupcakes.i have never mastered a carot cake and I really want to if I should win.i will try my hand at making a yummy carot cake.Mmmmmm

  50. I love baking and have dreamed of owning a kenwood mixer.
    I would love to try the decadent French Raspberry Eclairs with white chocolate. Looks oh so yummy and also verrrrrry appealing.
    I’m always entertaining guests very often and I always looks 4 eats that are eye-catching and delicious. Thanx 4d recipe!

  51. My kids love pizza so I would defnetly make home made pizza. And some yummy Greek almond biscuits as me and my family love almonds. I would bake so so so much more as I absolutely love baking, and the k mixer and goodies would make my life so much convenient. Yaaay! No more old fashion baking 4 me :) and more yummy confectionaries for my family :)

  52. I love baking cookies and cupcakes that my son can help out with. If I won, I would bake cupcakes with tons of sprinkles for my son – his ultimate treat!

  53. My favourite thing to bake is Italian Pizza Dough . I have a bread maker so it does the hard work :) Great with simple toppings like rosemary & onions & black pepper! And even better since my daughter likes rolling the bases!

  54. I’ve liked both Sasko and Cupcakemummy on FB for AGES ;) Also I have long since replaced any red velvet recipe that I used to use with Sasko’s one! I would bake red velvet cupcakes for days if I won!!! (and eat them all as well)

  55. Oh wow! What AWESOME prizes. I’m just starting to bake/cook for the first time so this would be SO cherished in starting my collection – what wonderful products!
    For the moment my favourite thing to bake is good old Choc Chip muffins. They’re easy, quick and there is always enough to share. What’s baking if you can’t share the lovely things you make! If I won I would definitely bake the Banana and Granadilla yoghurt cake. It just sounds so refreshing and tasty and I know I will be making it over and over again in the summer months. Holding thumbs! Would be such a treat to win this prize!
    Have liked both pages and have tweeted! :)

  56. I already like you both on Facebook. Will be sharing now on Twitter (I’m@Ellelicious_) =)

    I’ve been so lazy with baking lately, partly due to lack of a stove, partly due to caring for a newborn and a busy toddler.. BUT I’m super keen to get started again.

    My top 3:
    Muffins (bran, fat-free banana and choc-chip) the fat-free banana muffins are awesome for snacking on during the day and great if you are trying to shift s few kg’s!

    Banana bread. This is my husbands absolutely favourite. I think he’d live off of this if he could. Plus it’s our 3 year anniversary tomorrow so he deserves a bit of a treat.

    Lastly I’m dying to try out the little cake jars that have become so popular lately. I found a fab recipe over at Sasko’s FB page: – Yummmmmmy!

  57. I absolutely love your blog! ..and i love Cake! ..So if i won this insanely awesome prize i would totally try make the Sasko Secret Centre Sweet and Sour cake .. its a cake full of sweeties, what’s not to love?!

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