the #BWB take over @ilovemylaundry

i love my laundryI got to see my gorgeous BWB ladies again yesterday when we took over I love my laundry in Bree street, the spaces in between meetups are far too long and I miss this crazy bunch so it was nice getting to see everyone again, well not everyone, about half the ladies couldn’t make it but it was great seeing those who did attend. Sadly one of our own is leaving, LipglossedNinja is heading off to the UK, she’s abandoning is *cries* but we know she’s off to bigger, better and brighter things.


The theme for this month was “panties” and we each had to bring a pair of new underwear then we swopped them with one of the other ladies and you had to write what you think their panties say about them. It was a lot of fun and we all had a good laugh, Lauren and I giggled as we both prefer to go sans undies but obviously had to bring with us. It’s just more comfortable going comando than having something creep up your butt all the time. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. Each to his own.

It was too much fun, laughs over dimsum and wine, flower crowns and panty flinging. Can’t wait for the next one.




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