you NEED christmas gifts…

Guess what?! There are only 79 days left till xmas! Scary right?!

Have you started shopping yet, gotten your xmas cards ready yet? No? Well yay for me then because you NEED to order a family portrait from me. They make great cards/gifts ;) Snail mail is coming back and how nice would it be to make prints and send out a “from the smith family” card to friends and loved ones? Or use them as tags, frame them as gifts… the possibilities are endless :P

Send me a mail if you’re interested:

Local and international orders welcome.
Help a cupcake out…





4 thoughts on “you NEED christmas gifts…

    • hi hi :)
      prices and sizes vary:

      A6 – R75
      A5 – R125
      A4 – R250
      A3 – 525

      All prices include postage with a tracking number. If you’d prefer courier it’s an extra R70 (I’d suggest this with the current postal strike)

      You also have a choice of it done in the circle like these or full length

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