about sleeves and other things

I have quite a bit of ink already, a fair collection I think, and I am in love with all of them, okay most of them. My sleeve is coming along really well and I adore the process of it becoming fuller, it’s taking time but that’s because I add to it slowly, the full design wasn’t planned out ahead of time, we add to it as I decide what I want. A bit of a backwards way of doing things but it works for me.

I’ve been asked if it hurts – define hurt? I’m a cutter, well an ex cutter, so I love the feeling of it, it makes me feel alive if I have to be deadly honest. I’ve been asked why I do it – why not? I love art, I’m an artist or at least I like to think I am and having it on me to show off just makes me happy. I’ve always wanted tattoos, I got my first one when I was 17 and even though I’m planning on doing a cover up over it (a giant kraken – too excited) I still don’t regret it. Bit of a conundrum that but it makes sense to me. I’ve been aawed at and and squint eyed but at the end of the day I do it for me not everyone else.

I have no idea what the whole point of this post was about, I took a photo of my ink this morning and realised just how much I love it so I thought I’d write about it. I’m in a blog slump at the moment. Forgive me. I seem to have hit a wall and run out of things to say, life is going great, yeah there are crappy moments like when they broke into my car last week but for the most part I’m happy. I have a great guy in my life, a healthy 5 year old and my illustrations are slowly becoming a full time thing. I’m in a good place :)

But I asked on twitter what I should write about and now have a few topics… man how I adore social media.


3 thoughts on “about sleeves and other things

  1. I have one small tat on the back of my neck and am looking for inspiration for my next one. All I know is I want to incorporate something to symbolise my daughter. The chatting to my cousin you is a tatto artist got me thinking of another idea as well. Now I don’t know what I want 😋

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