you should try out @N2iceCreamLab

Have you been to the N2iceCreamLab in Parklands yet? You should try it out if you haven’t.

They have this whole different way of making ice cream where they actually freeze it with liquid Nitrogen and because the ice crystals are so much smaller than when you freeze it normally the ice cream it produces is so damn smooth you can’t believe it. I got to meet the owner and she explained it to me, complicated but I think I got the gist of it :P

Watching it being made is just as much of a treat as the stall is set up to look like a real lab with proper lab beakers and measuring equipment and that’s just amplified when you watch them make the actual ice cream (it’s made to order it doesn’t stand around in a display case or machine) you get that billowing ice cloud from the liquid nitrogen and it looks like a science experiment in the making.

Fysh and my brother thoroughly enjoyed it and Fysh won’t stop talking about “the ice cream lab” and he’ll correct you if you say shop instead of lab. I think I’ll need to take him back soon. Yay for summer bribes treats ;)

Oh and if I haven’t given you enough of a reason yet – they have banting approved ice cream. Just saying…


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