celebrating inktober

I adore getting inked, I love it. Getting ink makes me feel alive. It feels good. Maybe I’m a bit of a masochist. But hell, this is not really what this post is about, well it sort of is…

I went to get a bit more ink yesterday, had a border put around the quote on my arm so it ties in with the ever progressing sleeve and I finally convinced Clinty to ink the little heart I’ve wanted on my hand for just about ever. Don’t even think of asking him for one though, he’ll say no. 10649935_10152350840692175_8551747236994236889_n

So now we get to the point. While I was getting inked we had a conversation about vouchers… Clint has decided to offer me a R500 voucher for one lucky person, this is the base (minimum charge) for a tattoo which means you can get something small or use it towards something bigger and don’t worry, they aren’t the type to charge you more just cause you won a voucher. They’re an honest and hilarious bunch. Plus you know me so you have that going for you as well. They like me. Apparently.

Want yourself the voucher? It’s the usual schpiel…

Like their facebook page
Like my facebook page
Leave a comment on what you’d get done if you won it.
If you have twitter you’re welcome to tweet about it but it’s not a stipulation

*Note that this is only open to those in Cape Town. Sorry loves.


27 thoughts on “celebrating inktober

  1. Awesome giveaway…but alas I can’t enter because I am not from Cape Town :( But good luck to all the ink lovers out there!!!

  2. I think I could be a masochist too then…lol
    I love you for this….
    I have sooooo many tattoo wants but it is my 10year wedding anniversary soon and would love to get something in honor of that.

  3. I would have my son’s name, Zeke, tattooed on my wrist like an armband, likea circle as circles has no end. and my love for him is endless ♡

  4. Its my 27th birthday in 3 weeks also a good time for my first tattoo :) an infinity sign on my wrist :) something small but significant

  5. I have so many pieces I want done but it will be my first so I think I’ll start off slow with a small ship on my forearm to honour my grandfather who was in the navy and loved the sea just like I do. :)

    {I Like both pages too.}

  6. I have finally figured out what I want. I want a quote done on my arm. Due to my love of books and the fact that I’m part French I want ‘il était une fois’ which means ‘once upon a time’.

  7. I would use this towards getting Clinty to fix my lower back tattoo so that it fits in with my beautiful conchita he did on my shoulder blade… Then all my tattoos that i have would have been done by him, I just love his work, he’s an absolutely great artist and an even better person! Much love for him and Tinks :)

  8. If I won this I would give it to my husband – he was supposed to get one for his birthday and then we had to spend it on other things (joys of being a parent).

  9. Oh, what a wonderful win! This would get my A into G and get myself a booking for what I have been wanting for ages now! One: an infinity sign but with words to make it (not just straight lines) incorporating my daughter’s name, birth date and a specific sentence, and on my wrist so not too big. Two: a quote down my waist. Oooh, I’m feeling all excited and I haven’t even won anything yet… Thanks for the chance :-) purplerob2 at gmail dot com

  10. I would love to add daydreamer to my arm. … As I am Forever daydreaming my life away. ..or add to the other collection and hopefully finish one of them. ..

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