woah buddy!

I just watched the minion unlock and open the backdoor all by himself. This just points out how much and how quickly he’s grown because when we moved in here he couldn’t even walk yet!

He’s five now, FIVE, I am mom to a freaking five year old. When exactly did that happen?! I still don’t feel like a mom, I still feel like I’m completely bullshitting my way through each day with him and hanging on to the sanity thread with both hands but I’m not sure if I’d change it. Someone told me the other day that if I could go back and change things I’d probably have twins instead (she’s a twin mom) and my answer was a resounding “hell fucking no, I’d have none” which part of me believes is true, no matter how long I’m a mom I still have that “what if I’d never had him, would my life be better” moments, call me a bad mom I don’t really care, I doubt I’m the only one who thinks it occasionally. But if I didn’t have him life would be so damn different, I might be single and working on an oil rig as I’d had planned instead of homeschooling my child, growing my illustration and writing while being in love with the most amazing soul.

There’s a meme, one of my favourites, that says “when life takes an unexpected turn just yell ‘plot twist’ and carry on” and I think it’s pretty much the story of my life, and the story has a lot of plot twists but for the most part it’s a pretty good story.

So here I am… blogger, lover, mother, writer, illustrator, traveler (well the last will soon come true, watch this space), how did I get here? No idea, but I kind of like it :)


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