Hard days. Soft nights.

Today has been a tough day mentally and emotionally, I’ve struggled hard with severe irritability to the point where I don’t even want to be around myself let alone a child and other people but I’ve grit my teeth and though I won’t say overcome it at least there are no bodies to hide.

On the way back from the farm tonight traffic had slowed down to a halt and we’d thought accident, once we got close enough we realized a woman had side parked her at on the R44 so that no one would run over (again) the dog that was in a hit and run. I don’t think I’d even voiced the question when The Persons reply was “yes, go get him”. My door was open before the car came to a stop and I was running toward the animal everyone was driving around.

Three kids an three adults in the car who were signing to the doggy and asking the faeries to help it be okay. I can’t explain the look in a dying animals eyes. You forget all about the blood smeared on you.

We got a phone call from the vet now saying that the woof had gone I sleep and not woken up. My soul aches for the life lost but I am glad that he did not die on the side of that rode.

It’s been a hard day.


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