oh yeah buddy!

So remember a while back I mentioned that work (let’s call it job x) had cut my salary in half without telling me and then couldn’t give me a straight up reason? Well last night I got an email from the new owners pretty much telling me that they no longer require my services but in a round about indirect manor. This after lying to my face about my job being secure. Nice one. I’m not going to name and shame them, karma is a meanie and she’ll sort them out.

Well… this morning I had an interview. Coincidence and a half I tell you! And you know what? I got the job! The start up salary is low BUT that’s just it, it’s a start up, it means that there is room for me to grow and from what I hear I’ll be able to do just that. Also, I’ll be signing a contract. A REAL CONTRACT! I haven’t signed one of those since I worked for Amazon.

As I sit right now I’m not excited, I’m nervous yes, it’s a lot of work and though I know I’m going to manage it the change going from working at home to working in an office with people is one I’m trying to wrap my head around. I’ll get there and I’ll rock it. At least they don’t mind my tattoos.

So I’ll be doing web development and content and maybe a little social media on the side. I’m looking forward to the challenge that it brings me.

Now to find a good school to put the minion in last minute and at year end. Oh brother.


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