introduce your family #blogvember

My family is an amazing one, we’re close knit (ish) and live close (ish) together.

Shamus (my dad) actually loves with me when he’s in South Africa (usually he’s in Zanzibar) and Fysh likes having gramps stay with us. Most of the time anyway.

Mom is like a second mom to Fysh and he’ll happily tell you he has two mommies: me and granny (he said this in the car on the way to school this morning). She lives about a 10 minute drive from us and Fysh goes to her in the afternoons while I work as his school only offers half day for this year (next year he’ll be going full day).

GG (my granny and Fysh’s great granny) lives about ten minutes from my mom and I (we all live in the same area, kinda in a triangle haha), we’re not extremely close, she drinks a little too much for my liking since my gramps died but she loves Fysh.

Ouma (my great granny and Fysh’s great GREAT granny) lives with my mom and Fysh adores her senseless, he loves bossing her around and she loves feeding him, I think she just loves the fact that someone pays her attention in her old age of 85. She’s sweet but can be a bit much at times.

Hitler is my step dad, he’s a special sort of person and we won’t go into it more than that, his nickname speaks volumes as is (just don’t tell him I call him that, then again he might just take it as a compliment).

I have two siblings who are both great though we’re not extremely close. My sister lives with her boyfriend in claremont (I think, I’ve never been to her place) and is my opposite in every way; tall and model thin with style and a stable job she loves. My brother is 13 years younger (a product of mom and hitler) and is a lot like Fysh actually, or maybe Fysh takes after his uncle. They adore each other and get along well for the most part, he is heading into that teen phase now and the 8 year gap between them is starting to show and I worry that Fysh and him are going to lose that closeness once he goes to high school.

The person… He’s my person, he’s absolutely amazing and has taken the fact that Fysh and I are a packaged deal so much better than I could have ever hoped for, he’s kind and caring, outgoing and my hippy, he deals with so much and yet does it with a smile. He’s one of the most amazing souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I’m proud to call him my person. (PS it’s going on 9 months now!)

Fysh is my little, the fruit of my loins and the last shake of the bag. He’s 5 going on 50 and a proper little boy who is full of hugs and love. He’s a little shy but once he knows you you’ll never get him to waiver his attention no matter what you do and he loves it when you pay him a little attention back. He has a bit of an abandonment issue but he’s taken to The Person being a role model like a fish to water (hehehe) and looks up to him. Having The Person around has also really brought him out of his shell and influenced him in a great way.

My fur babies… I have Joonbug the border collie, bunny the rat and a not so furry hedgehog named Mr Pricklesworth.

I also have Nana in Australia, she’s not my real stepmom in terms that she and my dad aren’t married (yet) but she’s like a granny to Fysh and a mom to me, albeit a long distance one. With her comes three other “siblings” who I’ve also never met but who I’d love to one day. Maybe we’ll all meet up in Tanzania soon :)

And that’s my dysfunctional family. We might be a little odd but we have a good time killing each other :P

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