body parts •vent post•

Show me one person who doesn’t have some form of body dysmorphic disorder, show me one person who is one hundred and thirty percent happy with exactly who they are, show me that person who wouldn’t change a single thing and I’ll show you a liar. We all have “something wrong” we all have “something to fix” we all have something we’d like to nip or tuck or straighten or curl or change the colour of. We all have a wrinkle or two too many, grey hairs or just hairs in the wrong places. We are all the same. We’re used up and we’re sad and we’re perpetually waiting by the phone for someone to call and say you did good.

Well. You did good.

That model you want to look like wants to look like someone else, your best friend hates the figure you covet, your mother wishes her hair was a little longer and your sister wishes her nose was a little smaller, your brother hates his unibrow and your father wishes he was taller.

You are worth more. You are worth more than your waistline, your bra size, your hair colour. Your sexiness is defined by YOU not the body you use, it is not the shallow substance that makes us it is deep and ingrained into our souls, it is every fibre of our being. YOU are the embodiment of sexy. You do not need make-up cladded on like masks, painted on designer labels or heels that defy the laws of physics, you do not need the verification of others. You need to find it in you, you need to give yourself permission to just be because we are not these bodies, we are more.




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