I let someone touch me this weekend

On Saturday morning we dropped Fysh off at granny and missioned out to Mukda Thai Spa in Gordon’s bay. Yes, I know… a SPA! So not up my usual alley but who am I to argue when I’m being spoiled. And I was, spoiled that is. Big time.

It was my very first spa day, I never count the years of being my sister’s guinea pig while she was studying, actually those times are probably what put me off going to have things as such done as the feeling of someone watching over you while you’re being massaged etc (the examiners) is now heavily associated with it. But never the less, my person decided we deserve a spa day so I thought I’d suck it up and give it a go.

First up you have to get naked. Yes, naked. But don’t worry because they give you a gown, slippers and throw away undies… then just when you’re feeling a little comfortable in said gown you have to get naked again and lay down on a table in nothing but afore mentioned throw away undies but it’s okay cause we’re face down and can sort of deal with it. Then she scrubs you (butt included) and asks you to turn over. Wait, what?! So you comply and lay there while she scrubs your legs thinking this isn’t so bad, and then she pulls the blanket down and there you are tits to the world and they get scrubbed down as well. Yes you read right. MY BOOBS GOT MASSAGED BY A STRANGER! It has to be one of the most awkward moments of my life, right alongside getting an ECG in an open ward with medics coming in and out while you’re topless.

So maybe the massage and scrub bit isn’t my cup of tea, it was really nice after the whole awkwardness faded, the actual massage was really great as well, she even climbed up onto the table at one point though I did think I might play cowboy and buck her off when she was painfully shoving her elbows into the knots in my back. I’ve decided that despite not being the most feminine of ladies I might add getting a mani to my monthly treat if I can find somewhere that will do it for less than an arm and a leg. I quite like my nails looking pretty. And it was really nice sitting having my nails done while The Person had his done next to me (we talked him into a proper pedicure but he won the no polish argument).

Lunch was divine; we had spring rolls and rice paper wraps, rice noodles and a huge fruit platter for me with chicken kebabs for him. Ginger and honey tea, the the wind through trees and the sussurus of a river ending in a waterfall… The gardens were beautiful and I wish we could have sat outside all day.

Would I go back? Maybe. Did I enjoy it? I did, and now I can say I’ve done it and with my person to boot. But would I do it again? Maybe just for my nails, my boobs are well scrubbed and massaged for now thanks.


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