dear santa

It’s that time of year again, the shops have been decorated for months now and the carols are being piped in, the christmas movies are starting to schedule and the summer sun is intensifying, yup, the festive season is here. Though we don’t have our tree up yet (it’s blasphemy to have decor up before mid month in my opinion) it is definitely starting to feel a little more festive. I have a love hate relationship with this time of year though; I love the memories I have of christmas as a kid but I hate how the shops cash in on it and put up decor before halloween is even here never mind over. And of course there is said summer heat •yuck•

Anyway… We decided that this year instead of everyone buying everyone something at home (which breaks the bank every year) we’re pulling secret santa which limits your gift buying to your secret santa, your significant other and Fysh. 3 Gifts with a value limit on them instead of 13 gifts? yes please!!!

Apparently I’m not easy to buy for I’ve been asked to give ideas. And here I thought I was the easiest until I actually started putting this “list” together and realised that there is actually very little that I truly want or even need. So this is the best I could come up with…

• Art supplies – I need a new watercolour pallet, not really but one or two of my colours are nearing their end so it’ll need replacing soon. They’re about R70 at your local cna or pna. And watercolour paper/card is ALWAYS welcome.

• A 2015 Diary – had a lovely one from Typo for this year that is so well worn I had to tape the spine. Have a look at Typo, they have some really nice ones.

• A phone cover – got an iPhone 4 I think. I saw a cover at typo once (before I was an i geek) with the world map. or a quote. Something of the sort. Just no fucking pineapples please.

• Washi tape – I have about 5 rolls… I think that needs to be remedied…

• Typo – you can just buy me the whole store. Thanks ;)

• A cello – stop laughing.

• Vegetable seeds – I’m starting grow boxes in the back yard.

• The winning lotto ticket – I promise to share. Some. Okay, I’ll take you to dinner.

• Notebook/journal – particularly an unlined one that I can carry around and doodle or make notes in. This year’s one is full. Typo makes nice ones. Just saying…

Things not to get me – smelly stuff (unless it’s vanilla or cinnamon) candles, soaps, make up, nail polish, vouchers (put some thought into it)



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