yesterday a year ago

Exactly 12 months ago yesterday I met a stranger at the slow foods market.

Yup, The Person and I met in person a year ago. You know the story, I blogged about that day when it happened but when I wrote that post it was just a great day with someone I’d met online, I didn’t think it would turn into what we have now. Though, he did sit down on a forest path with me, so maybe the universe knew it would happen even though we didn’t.

This stranger turned into a friend with benefits, great benefits ;)
But somewhere that friendship turned into something more. It’s not our actual anniversary, it’s our “meeting day” but it’s just as significant to us, well to me anyway.

So, being a “special day” we decided to recreate it. We missioned to the market but of course we forgot that this particular market isn’t open on a Sunday (last year the 7th was a Saturday) so The Person parked in the parking lot and we said hello in the spot we met. Cheesy I know but I liked it. Then we decided that seeing that the market is closed we’d go for lunch instead, The Person decided he knew exactly where we were going and ended up surprising me by taking us to the place we went to for lunch that day (it had completely slipped my mind but clearly not his). We had lunch and opted to share a slice of carrot cake again. It was as good as it was last year. We were going to drop Fysh off with his cousin so we could go to the river again but I was hit with tiredness (I think it’s my meds) and I ended up sleeping the afternoon away :(

So much has changed in a year, a stranger has become my person and a role model to Fysh.


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