The art of brick

Last night we got to attend the opening of The Art of Brick exhibition at the waterfront and I’m so glad we went! Statues and paintings and even a dinosaur skeleton made entirely out of lego! The one (whistlers mother) was made out of 15 thousand and something bricks!!!

It’s hard to explain so I’ll share a few photos of some of my favourites instead. You should most definitely make a plan to go and see the show! It’s one thing seeing them in photos but it’s a whole other experience seeing them in person. You can book online at computicket (as far as I know there are no tickets sold at the waterfront. It’s on from the 12th of December till the 12th of August next year so you have plenty of time to go see it, or see it a few times. Prices are R140 for an adult and R95 for kids under 18 or you can get a family of four ticket for R98.75

image (9)brickman brickman1 brickman2

Go have a look. It’s worth it.


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