365 happy days

Last year I joined the 100 happy days movement and actually stuck with it for a hundred days! I felt like it made me happier, okay maybe not happier but forcing myself to find something good in each day really helps keep “the darkness” at bay, some days it’s really hard and I struggle to find something but then I remember that Fysh is a big happy, that having a roof over my head is a happy etc. I’m only a few days in and I feel it’s going to be a tough one during the week as I’m stuck in an office all day but then again that should be a happy as well, it’s just boring to photograph.

Yes, photograph, I’ve decided to do it on instagram again like last year so you can follow me if you want – cupcakemummy – and see or you can join me. There’s no specific hashtag, I made one up for myself so that I can print them – I decided to keep a “photo a day” photo album this year as well so will be printing off those happies – with the hashtag so don’t go using mine, make up a unique one for yourself.

Here’s to 365 days of happiness, I really hope you join me

8 thoughts on “365 happy days

    • i don’t get those ;)
      it’s about finding something, anything, that can be a happy, even if it’s chocolate or a cup of tea after a long day. which will probably be mine today

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