fatness to fitness – week one

I was beyond nervous getting on the scale this morning as last week was really difficult and I was sick over the weekend (still am) but despite that there are results! I don’t expect numbers like this every week as I know the first few will be quicker because I have more to lose but it makes me happy even though I’m still not pleased with what the scale reads. BUT at the same time the results mean that my option to get up off my butt and do something about it is actually working and that alone needs a high five.

I’m getting back into the habit of eating 5 times a day and packing my lunch and meals for work in the mornings so that I don’t have any temptations to head to the shop for a quick fix. I’m at boxing 4 times a week and run/walk on a Friday, weekends I let my body rest though mainly because I’m usually out stellenbosch side but I’m going to start running through the neighbours vineyards when I’m there. Slow but steady wins the race. Unless you’re sprinting of course, which I’m not.



13 thoughts on “fatness to fitness – week one

  1. I wondered if you have ever heard of a wordpress blog called danceswithfat.wordpress? It is a great site which really helped me to understand things in a totally new light. It is written by a marathon runner and triathelete in training. It’s really inspiring stuff! I <3 your blog.

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