fatness to fitness – week 2

Seeing the scale tell me I gained back what I lost last week had me wanting to drown my sorrows in a cupcake. Seriously, if I had a cupcake in the house I’d have demolished it and it’s friends in a few minutes flat. But I don’t have anything sweet in the house so I had to make do with vanilla tea.

It was really hard seeing those numbers go up again even though I’ve been trying so hard but at the same time I took my measurements this morning and I’m down another 10.5 centimeters which should make up for the horrible feeling of gaining, sadly it doesn’t though. We’re so conditioned to care what those numbers read. It’s sad really.

But today is a new day so another chance and another week closer to that end goal. I just can’t let it get me down, I’ll rather take the frustration out at killer cardio tonight.



2 thoughts on “fatness to fitness – week 2

  1. Darling – first of all, that’s an astounding loss in cm.
    Second of all, the absolute most important thing here is that you *feel* good? Do you have more energy? Are you happier? You’re definitely healthier! So then, no matter what the bloody scales say, it’s a good thing.
    Finally, the exact same thing happens to me every time I start working out – it’s just my (our?) body type. I lose a bit of weight in the beginning , which is fantastic, but then I start gaining weight back in MUSCLE right away. If you’ve been working out often it’s very likely what has happened to you too – some of us just build muscle very quickly. So celebrate those CMs, and – most especially – celebrate how working out has made you feel. You’re divinely beautiful either way – inside and out :) XXXXX M

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