monkey see monkey do

I’ve been boxing on and off for almost two years now and Fysh has been going with me since day one so it’s to no surprise that he’s now decided he also wants to do it. He usually joins us when we’re doing our cool down exercises but I’ve had a chat with the owner and have signed him up for the kids classes.

Yesterday was his first day and he did a jiujitsu class, he loved it and it was so great watching him have fun doing it. Tonight he has a boxing class so we’ll see which of the two he prefers and then do that because if he wants to do both I’m going to need to rent a flat at the gym we’ll be there so often! (his classes are 5 to 6 and mine are 7 to 8).

He was so excited to start that he picked out his own wraps and paid for them with his pocket money (he “sells” biscuits and sweets to my great grandma).

Watching him with other kids his age makes me realise just how big a person he’s going to be, he’s never been chubby but he’s built like a brick wall, much more boxer than jiujitsu really but both are good for him. His great grandpa would be proud if he were still alive (he was a pro boxer – I guess boxing runs in our blood).

So it’s not a conventional extra mural activity but it’s a pretty damn good one.



One thought on “monkey see monkey do

  1. Love this. I’m a firm believer in ‘do what you love’. Then the hard work is not work. And you put yourself right in the way of learning to deal with disappointment and being persistent and disciplined from within. And choosing something unconventional? Awesome.

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