being an uncommon case

I recently saw my psychiatrist again and got some really great news – from here on out I’ll only need to see him every 5/6 months AND as of 2016 I probably won’t have to see him anymore just a general practitioner to have my prescription refilled! Why is this great news? Well for starters it means that we’ve finally found a cocktail that works for me and also that I’m managing myself a lot better than when we first started this whole journey back on meds last year.

I’m an uncommon case, borderline personality disorder is rare and I’m his only patient at the moment where as bipolar is more common. Not that the one is “better” than the other to be diagnosed as and I’m not sure if I altogether like being an uncommon case but there’s nothing I can do about it other than try and manage it properly so I don’t continue putting my family and friends through the hell of being unmedicated and on a rampage. Particularly Fysh, he deserves a mom that will try for him.

For those of you who don’t know what BPD is you can read about it on a previous post I did here: I’m finally a chronic patient

On the subject of Fysh: a lot of people have been asking me lately if I’m going to have another child and the answer is no which of course leads to a series of questions and some even trying to change my mind. But the simple answer is that because of my disorder I’m at a risk. If I fall pregnant it will have to be a conscious decision made because it will mean going off my medication and seeing a psychiatrist every week for the duration of the pregnancy.

So do I like being an uncommon case? No. Am I okay with it? I wouldn’t say I’m 100% okay no but I have learned that I can’t change it so I’ll just have to accept it and move forward from there.


One thought on “being an uncommon case

  1. Strength and love. Such admiration for you. So much more in common than we realise. Step by step, each day we move forward, being the best version of us we can be. It’s all we can do, and you my friend are doing it beautifully xxx

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