fatness to fitness – week three

Can’t believe I did my third weigh in this morning and of course that we’re in February, okay so for financial reasons I’m sort of glad January is over… man that was a long ass month!

This week I have a loss to announce! YAY!
It’s not as much as it could have been – I weighed myself before we headed off to Origin on Friday and then of course again today and I managed to put on a little while we were partying it up but I’m sort of okay with it cause I knew I would and at least I didn’t put on as much as I thought I did, or more.

So a heads up for future reference > bread and alcohol make a HUGE difference in your weight. Avoid them as much as you possibly can. I had a veggie bunny chow for dinner and then again for breakfast and I had a few drinks as well. Thankfully I packed healthy snacks and drank lots of water else I’d probably have cried at the numbers again this morning.

The centimeter loss is still going strong! My legs in particular had a large decline in centimeters and that’s probably from all the damn leg work and stomping last week :P

Also, it’s slowly becoming easier to say no to the bad stuff (this weekend excluded) and I’m looking forward to gym every day. As of tomorrow I’ll be joining in the 5am class as well because I’ve joined up a 6 week challenge which I’ll tell you all about soon. That’s two/three classes a day depending on the day. Roll on the “after” photos!

fatness to fitness week three


3 thoughts on “fatness to fitness – week three

    • yup! classes start at 05:15 sharp. I would do the 06:15 class but that would mean only getting home when I’m supposed to be leaving to get Fysh to school so the earliest class it is then :)

  1. Well done! The scale can be a big fat liar and I’m willing to bet the extra weight from the weekend is all just excess water & glucose and you’ll drop it super fast.

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