Friends new and old
River walking and interrupted sex…

That’s the easiest way to sum up our weekend at Origin ;)

On Friday after dropping Fysh off The Person and I packed up his merc, put our feet up (well I did) and headed out to Helderstroom. It’s just under two hours of driving and even though we hadn’t planned on heading through the Friday I’m glad we did seeing as it meant we got the good camping spot and even better parking.

We set up tent just far enough away from the main dance floor that we were close enough to hear it but no so close that it was too loud when we wanted to sleep. Plus we were close-ish to the porta-loo’s. Little did we know that right across the narrow river we were camped next to they’d open up a second dance floor. A beats floor… I could literally feel my insides vibrating. Sleep was minimal as you can guess.

After setting up our campsite and chasing away stragglers that were encroaching on “our turf” till the rest of our crew arrived we headed to where the main dance floor is to scope out the food stalls and of course all the other stores, one of which I had pretty hair wraps done at.

We “partied hard” on Friday evening and the one thing I’ve learned is that next time we go through we’ll just chill on the Friday and rather save the partying till Saturday because by the time Saturday rolled around I was pretty much done and over it. Too many people, too much noise and too much dancing.

Even though we packed food we still surveyed the food stalls and sampled a few of their offerings, on Friday I had veg noodles with a thai sauce and The Person had a chicken burger, Saturday I found a place that did veg bunny chow and it was so damn good that we both had it for breakfast the next morning again. I think though that after the bar the coffee stand is by far the most popular, particularly in the mornings if judged by the length of queues, third to that would be the mini doughnuts… they smelled damned tempting!

The venue was great, a forest setting nestled between the mountains with a river deep enough to swim in dividing the two dance floors. Being in a valley in the middle of no and where obviously meant no signal, how I managed to post the two photos I did before my battery died I have no idea. At least The Person’s phone had some battery power so I was able to snap up a few shots to share with you.

The only thing that REALLY got to me was the litter. All over the Facebook page, website, and around the campsite there are signs that ask you not to leave a trace, to leave the place as you found it (and no glass allowed). After Saturday night there were glowsticks and figgie buts and cups laying all over the place and the worst was walking out to the car where the field was littered with everything from underwear and glass bottles to boxes of cigarettes and who knows what else. It’s just really disappointing that people think it’s okay to do that.

It was a great weekend regardless of the mess and it was made possible by my mom who watched over Fysh the entire weekend. The little shit who when I got home was all “Oh, you’re back. You can leave now”. So much love for his mommy when granny is around hahaha. But he won’t be seeing his granny much anymore now that he’s going to school full day so she was alright with it, and at least now we know that when we go away for our anniversary in Feb he’ll be no hassle.

sunrise over the river

morning routine


bunny chow

origin 2015

leave no trace

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