6 week “buddy challenge”

I decided to sign up for a challenge that my gym has put forward, why I’m not really sure but I just feel like it’s a nice booster and when you’re a part of something like that you sort of want to work harder than when you’re doing it on your own. So I signed up and I attended my first 5am class this morning. It was great, not as intense as I thought it was going to be mainly because our evening classes are so hard core even the pro fighters say hell no. But it’s a really nice way to start the day.

I left Fysh asleep and had a movie ready for him in case he woke up while I was gone but he hadn’t and I was home, showered and had the lunches packed all before 06:30! Now that is what I call winning the day.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to do the morning classes every day of the week but I am going to try do them as often as possible and then continue with my evening classes. But at least this way if I need to work late or something then I won’t feel horrible about missing a class.

And why am I doing all of this? So that I can get to the point where I finally feel good about myself again. The Person is cheering me on but keeps saying I’m his warrior princess and that I shouldn’t care what the scale says. Maybe one day I won’t care… when it reads what I want it to…

So heads up, if you’re in the Table View-ish area and want to join a really awesome 6 week challenge (cause next summers bikini body starts now) then head through to Panther Fighting Arts and Fitness in Parklands (there where baby center is) and sign up. It’s R199 and that includes being able to join in any and all of the morning classes (5am to 10am) as well as the killer cardio classes on a Monday and Wednesday evening. Last day of registration is this Friday. COME JOIN ME!


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