Fysh and Salem

We got guinea pigs earlier this week so of course they had to feature today. I love that Fysh is now “it’s photo day!” when I tell him it’s Friday. We have two guinea’s but Jack is a bit of a wild child and doesn’t like sitting still for photos so Salem was roped in as a model. They’re adorable and it’s cute how different their personalities are even though they’re from the same litter (both boys, we don’t want any babies thanks).

Fysh is also growing up really fast and it’s so great to see, he’s becoming more independent (if that’s even possible) and isn’t as “ma vas” as he’s been for a while now, there aren’t any tears at school drop off anymore yay!








2 thoughts on “Fysh and Salem

  1. So cute! I also had 2 “boy” guinea pigs when I was 9yo or so. They had babies of their own. I named them Miffy and Biffy, or something along those lines. They also had wild hair and I LOVED them! (My mom – not so much when it became clear that they were in fact NOT 2 boys!)

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