jonkershoek hearts day hike

We decided to hike the Jonkershoek trail for valentines day, it’s just another hallmark holiday and though we didn’t want to do anything hearts and flowers we still wanted to do something so we decided that a little “family” outing was a good idea. And good plan it was.

We of course forgot our water bottles so had to keep stopping along the river for water, not that that’s a bad thing at all really, and missioned up to the first waterfall. We wanted to head up to the the second one but it was a little far for the minion so we walked up about half way then turned back and went back to the first where we swam a little and stood under the water droplets.

It’s such an easy and beautiful hike, the mountains standing majestically around you, nature brushing your sides and the river rushing along. The first waterfall isn’t marked but when you get to the turn and your question yourself whether or not it’s the right turn then you’ll know it is.

Moss covered rocks, water droplets and a waterfall. It’s not “impressive” this time of the year but it’s beautiful and I’ve told The Person we’re going back in spring again to see the falls at it’s peak. maybe even a rainy winter hike would be nice, pack a blanket and a picnic.

Afterward we stopped at a little place that had “showers” on a sign (we didn’t need them I just don’t remember what the place was actually called) for lunch. Best aubergine sandwich ever! And of course some really yummy beetroot and honeycomb ice cream. Mmm…

image (1)

image (2)

image (3)

image (4)

image (5)

image (6)


image (7)



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