handmade bags, poppers and sushi

Yesterday was the hallmark holiday that the majority of the population dreads and the other part loves with far too much of a passion. We didn’t outright say we weren’t celebrating it but there was a mutual agreement that we weren’t going to do the whole hearts and flowers thing.

This morning we missioned through to the R44 to meet up with an old friend of mine and The Person spoiled me with a beautiful backpack that I’ve had my eye on for almost a year now. Handcrafted with real leather and linen. His excuse was that it’s a belated xmas gift (as he hasn’t finished my painting yet) and I’ll take that excuse because I am 100% in love with it and now can’t wait to go places just so I can use my bag.

Fysh had fun at the market as always seeing as aunty Pooky spoiled him to the games section and he played “catch the fish”, picking out poppers and slime and a horrid orange nail polish for me. The poppers were by far the hit and though I don’t condone bombs I do agree that giving things in small amounts as a kid grows a healthy respect for it other than banning it and having them go balls to the wall with it when they’re older. That’s my parenting method and it was my parents method to an extent as well.

Sushi for lunch and a nap before I realise that thanks to the loadshedding that happened at home over the weekend I lost an entire weeks work and have to play catch-up because it’s due first thing Monday morning. ACES!

handcrafted map bag

i mean seriously now… how GORGEOUS is this?!




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