It’s alright if I take a moment to punch the wall and scream and cry into a pillow right? I just sent the minion to bed a half hour early because I simply can not deal today.

I have been feeling “wishy washy” all day and it just got progressively worse. By the time home-time came around I was nauseous on top of not feeling “here” and as much as I kept telling myself that I’m not going to feel better unless I go to gym the “why bother” feeling won over so I came home, gave the minion leftover sushi, took my meds, put a movie on for each of us and got into bed.

But then he comes into the room for something and he smells like poop. He is almost 6. He has been potty trained since he was 18 months old. What fucking phase is this where he doesn’t make the toilet on time, where he has “accidents”?! Because no one warned me about this and I seriously can’t deal.

So he’s now in bed and I’m sitting here doing the mom sob wondering how the fuck I got here. I need a hug, I need more patience, I need… fuck I don’t even know what I need.


3 thoughts on “#momsob

  1. Some days are just difficult. Our washing got stolen off the line today. Most of my toddlers clothes gone. He was screaming and crying all through me making supper and then refused to eat a single bite of it. Once his dad took him upstairs to bath I felt like I needed a drink and I don’t even drink alcohol.

    Strongs, hugs and tomorrow is a new day. Let’s hope it will be a better one.

  2. Geesh, darling. That sounds ROUGH. Just know that there are people out here on the wide world of the Internet thinking of you and sending you squeezes. x

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