thank you @stylebarsa!

We all know I’m no beauty blogger, I can try and pretend that I am but I wouldn’t be fooling anyone BUT one aspect of beauty blogging I have down pat – my hair. I have been every colour and cut you can think of, from a green mohawk and pink dreads to shaved off and now big blonde princess curls!

My hair even has its own category on this blog it changes so damn often (serious). Though it hasn’t for a while now, changed that is. It’s grown out into a strange red and blonde ombre of curls that I’ve become sort of attached to but on Friday I decided it was time for a little bit of a change. I uuhmed and aahed about what I wanted to do and eventually settled on something.

Grey, I am going to go grey. Why? Well I started going grey bout the time I fell pregnant, maybe a little before then, it’s so bad that the other day momma chirped that now she doesn’t feel so bad! So I decided hell, I may as well right?

We tried to lift as much colour off as possible in one sitting but it wasn’t enough so the grey is still a mission just a more long term goal now than one session fix. So for now? For now I’m blonde…

Huge thumbs up to StyleBar’s De Ville branch, the ladies were extremely friendly and even though I was a little disappointed we didn’t manage to go the grey I left chirpy and happy with them gushing over the blonde princess locks. And I felt on top of the world for it.

The Person even took me out to dinner just so I could show off my hair. He knows me so well hahaha.





7 thoughts on “thank you @stylebarsa!

  1. Hi CupcakeMummy, ah, so this is what you do when not NaNoWriMo-ing :)
    so lovely reading this blog post. It made me smile, then laugh, then wink in a “I-know-what-you-mean” way when The Person took you out for dinenr just so you could waltz around with your beautiful hairdo! xxx

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