three hundred and sixty five ish days

So it’s our anniversary.
(The person decided that February 20th is the date but I’m convinced it’s March, we agreed on February and now he’s thinking it probably was March *insert smug smile* we’ll just celebrate twice.)

It’s still weird to think that we’ve been together for so long, I guess it isn’t really long for some but for us it is seeing as it’s the longest either of us has been in a committed relationship. Go us!

And what a year it’s been with this beautifully minded hippy person. We have put up tents (numerous times) without a hitch, cooked together without a hiccup and even built a bed without a hassle. We’ve got this partnership thing pretty much down. Sure there are times when we’ve had a bit of miss-communication that’s led to misunderstandings, mostly it’s from reading something in the wrong tone on whatsapp (okay so it’s mostly me not understanding something) but they’re always resolved quickly (he’s got so much patience) and I’ve made a concerted effort to try think more like a normal person and not over obsess. Most of the time it is exactly what it is.

This man. Joh… he puts up with me, makes me tea just the way I like it, he has the best hugs and he’s awesome with Fysh. Seriously couldn’t have made up a better person to be with even if I could genetically alter the perfect specimen. Oh and his ass… that man has a damn fine ass.

So here’s to a year or almost one.
Here’s to us!



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