You should visit Greyton

Even though we’d agreed we’d stay home for our anniversary The Person decided to overrule this decision and packed us up in his merc and drove us off to Greyton.

Greyton is a small town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains with a big old river flowing by. The people are your typical small town friendly folk, you sit at the coffee shop and listen to the gossip and everyone greeting each other by name which takes me back to the days I lived in a small town in Namibia. I felt like I was home and the locals helped that by making us feel welcome. They don’t have a stray dog problem but they do have horses that roam free and often you see them simply walking through town unaccompanied. Also this town is clean, spotless, which might be because they are the first town in South Africa to be plastic bag free!

We stayed in a little bed and breakfast that happened to be run by the coffee shop we’d decided to stop for tea at in between looking for places to stay (heads-up: book ahead, don’t just show up and expect there to be accommodation available. We must have driven around for an hour knocking on guest house doors looking for a place to stay), it was adorable with it rose lined pathway leading you to the door, a little garden and even a Jacuzzi.

For dinner we stumbled upon a vegan restaurant (when we were looking for directions) and booked for their “friendly meal” that they have on a Friday night – they take 11 places only and they put all their tables together to form one long one. It’s a 3 course pre-planned fully vegan meal and you bring your own alcohol if you want it. The point is that you get to actually talk to the people around you, we made friends with an older couple from a wine farm who The Person had long conversations with RE their growing methods and so forth. It was a brilliant night full of good food and laughter and ended with us dancing down main road (not alcohol related).

So what is Greyton famous for? Other than being an idyllic little town that is? Well I’m not really sure. But here are a few things we did learn about it though…
• They have a rose festival every year which explains all the beautiful roses all over the town
• There’s a farmers market every Wednesday where the local farmers bring in produce to swap with each other or for locals to purchase.
• Every Saturday there’s a market in the middle of town. It’s mostly food but there are a few handmade items made by the locals. The Person scored himself a really stunning tshirt, he went all tourist and put it on (it says Greyton on it).
• It’s the first and only transition town in South Africa.
• It has a trash to treasures initiative.
• There are really great hiking and mountain bike trails.

This friendly little town is definitely a place to add onto your bucket list if you haven’t been yet. We’ve definitely put it on our “to visit again” list and next time we’ll take Fysh with, maybe we’ll go in winter when there’s snow on the mountains. Mainly because it was a spontaneous and unplanned trip which meant the camera was forgotten at home so there aren’t really any photos I can post up with this sadly :(

5 thoughts on “You should visit Greyton

  1. Greyton is also famous for the most horrific climb up a mountain on a mountain bike…… hahaha. Gorgeous little place, you are so lucky to live in the Western Cape.

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