a bunny loving giveaway

I have a simple little heart that I got from the Flat White meet up last year and thought I just had to add to it so I got a little wishbone. Adorable right? wishbone I got a little bunny as well but have decided that instead of keeping it for myself I’m going to give it to one of you to say thank you for always being so supportive. I love you all and I wish I could send each of you something. This has nothing to do with the jeweller who made it, obviously you should go and support her but this is all on me. We’ll put names in a hat and fysh will draw it on the 28th then I’ll email the winner.

Now, how am I going to get you to enter?
Leave a comment I guess.
AHA! Fysh says you need to let us know what’s your favourite colour :)



46 thoughts on “a bunny loving giveaway

  1. Oh i go threw many favorite colours at the moment it is a nice bright red, whats you favorite Fysh and Cupcake mummy

  2. LOL it is amazing how this question made me sit and think for a long while…I have sooo many favourite colours, but if i had to pick just one, I would go with BLACK and blue as a second :-)

  3. Cutest little bunnykins! Tell Fysh my favourite colour is that colour you get after doing an activity with glitter and all the glitter colours get mixed up.

  4. Fysh,,, how could we decide?? We have an entire rainbow to pick from, I think that m favorit-ist of them all would be apple green (like a Granny Smith Apple)
    I love love love the little wishbone and of course the rabbit is super cute too – Great giveaway Cupcake!

  5. Gawsh you guys! Thanks for spoiling us! Such a sooper-de-dooper treat :) As for my favourite colour – well, I must be a mermaid, because blues and purples it is! :) (Has been all my life!)

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