custom cupcakes anyone?

The lovely Meg from Mind The Curves and her friend Caryn decided to put their heads and talents together and they came up with “custom cupcakes” a delicious new take on the cupcake business. What do I mean? Well… they have a menu and you get to pick your cupcake flavour, filling and icing! Yes, you pretty much get to make your own cupcakes without the hassle of baking. And they are DIVINE!

I had a chai spice cupcake with white chocolate ganache filling and salted caramel topping. Let’s just say that the minion ended up eating most of it (not cause it was terrible but because it was that good). I had his double chocolate and strawberry cupcake, sweet as all hell but delicious and the icing is made with real strawberries!

You can order from their Facebook Page: custom cupcakes ct
I promise you’re going to love them. I am definitely ordering a batch for birthdays (yes I’m lazy like that haha)







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