starting march off right

Usually Sunday’s are spent lazing about doing absolutely nothing but for some reason today isn’t a normal Sunday, it’s the first of the month and something must have sparked in us cause we got busy. An early start to the day thanks to Fysh and his body clock waking him up at 06:30 but we let The Person sleep in while we cuddled in the lounge and watched Planet 51 while sipping away at some Ellas Kitchen and coffee.

Then it was up and at em. The Person got a bee in his bonnet and decided that today is the day he tackles the swamp pool so we can actually start using it. It’s been bust since shortly after we moved in as the pump fucked out and the landlord simply didn’t care. Yeah… *insert bad name*

So we he got a person to come in and help him out, the pool got the cleaned out – while I caught up on some custom illustrations – and now it’s just to get the borehole sorted so we can fill it up, either that or we’ll have to keep cleaning it and wait for the winter rains to fill it up then turn it into a natural swimming pool. New pump in so at least we’ll be able to keep it clean once it’s full and stop it from turning into another cesspool.

The garden was also sorted so he started on the grow boxes for the vegetable garden. Very exciting, can’t wait to have a fully productive vegetable garden, then just to get the gutters/biddem for the side wall so we can plant herbs and lettuce and stuff outside the kitchen. Have wall space will use.

And to top it all off he started on the tree house I’ve been dreaming about for Fysh since we moved in here. Okay so for now it’s simply a ladder up the tree but still. It’s a lot closer than we’ve ever been and Fysh is loving climbing it and chilling up in “his” tree.

Have I mentioned lately how damn lucky a person I am to have this man in my life? Luck and SPOILED!

And of course the best way to end a sunday? Pizza, pudding, tea and Harry Potter :)


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