cotton head

My brain is fuzzy, it’s been fuzzy for a few days now which I guess is better than the depro it’s been for the last 3 weeks but fuzzy is horrible to deal with. Making sense of anything is difficult. Trying to write this is difficult. Working is difficult. I hate it. It probably doesn’t help that I found out my dad is in a Tanzanian hospital with blood poisoning and getting transfusions.

My eyelids are heavy.

Thankfully I have clinic day next week again, feels like I was there yesterday, so at least I’ll be able to have a chat to my psychiatrist and find out what’s what. The fuzz sucks. At least I have my drawings, they sort of help. But even they’re hard to do at the moment.

borderline personality disorder


5 thoughts on “cotton head

  1. Not fun to be in a fuzzy place. Just focus on the moment and do not worry about anything else. Seamus will be fine. He has been down this road before. Sending you lots of loving hugs. xoxox

  2. Sucks! Very different experience to you, but I did found that being on the wrong anti depressants made me feel like I had cotton head and fuzzy ALL the time. A change in script did the trick for me, hope it works for you too!

  3. I get that feeling too, and I hate it. Can’t concentrate on anything, and feel constantly unfulfilled. Hope it doesn’t linger long, friend. XXX

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