home made pizza and cocktails

The Person is away this weekend, off visiting his mom so it’s just Fysh and I. I’d say it’s nice bonding time for us but we see each other every day so *cough* yeah not really but I think he was happy to have mommy all to himself for a weekend which is a good thing.

We decided to make pizza’s last night and there was an extra base left over so this morning Fysh asked if he can have another pizza, I said I didn’t feel like making pizza so early in the morning to which he chirped “I’ll make it myself” I decided to deal with the messy consequences, pour myself a cocktail and let him.

original iced cocktail

Bar putting on the oven and taking the pizza out once done he did everything on his own, from smearing on the base to grating the cheese to carefully putting it in the oven. I snuck a small peek to take a photo and make sure he wasn’t burning down the kitchen but he shooed me out. I’ll say I’m pretty impressed with his masterpiece. And he even attempted to clean up a little.

home made pizza

This just reminds me how damn fast he’s growing up. The other day he made himself a cup of tea (with me helping with the boiling water) and he’s learned to tie his own shoelaces. I’ve pretty much blanked out everything before he turned about 3 with only vague moments still there but it really feels like it was just the other day that we moved into the house and he was still crawling around and refusing to speak.

Now the nightmare of choosing schools for grade one starts… but that’s a post all on it’s own.


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