win with @MRPfashion

One of the sponsors at the mom blog meet was Mr Price Fashion and boy did they make an effort, our packages were in beautiful boxes with big bows and our names on them and inside the items were wrapped individually in tissue paper and washi tape. But if it being pretty wasn’t enough the items actually had thought put into them. For example: Fysh hates jeans with buttons, he can’t stand them and for that reason he won’t wear jeans. He got a pair of buttonless jeans! (which we’re going to go buy more of as next year he has to wear jeans to school) Also, we all know how much I love the south right? Well they sent him a Texas footbal tshirt. Oh yeah ;)

But if all that effort wasn’t enough they also gave us a R250 voucher to give away as we wish. So yes, one of you gets a little voucher from Mr Price :) All you have to do is leave a comment, nothing special or exciting, just a comment. Let me know if you’re a summer or winter person.

I’ll let the competition run till Friday and then email the winner on the weekend.

Have an amazing week!



74 thoughts on “win with @MRPfashion

  1. I used to be a winter person, but since my little one came along ive def changed to a summer person. My Harper loves being outside playing in the summer sun…and that makes me love being outside :)

  2. I’m versatile. I’m a summer person in my wardrobe and use the same clothes over leggings in winter ;). Thrifty me. So winning a voucher from MRP would be awesome!!!

  3. I don’t know if I’m a summer or winter person. I’m more an inbetween autumn person as I don’t like SWEATY-HOT days and I don’t like FREEZING-TOES days

  4. I’m 100% a winter person. That gloomy weather makes me so very happy. I’m so stoked for autumn to hit though. Because, you know, birthday month and all. :D

  5. Mr Price clothing is so stylish, and I am always going to find some item of clothing that I like there. I am definately more of a Summer person…I love the sunshine and warmth! Fingers crossed ;)

  6. Your handsome little man looks so cute in his Mr Price outfit!

    I am one hundred percent a summer person. I love warm weather, summery clothes and summer activities. Making the best of these laat warm days. (Singing the Olaf the Snowman summer song in my head right now).

  7. Winter person. I love snuggling with my 5 year old daughter under the blankies and watch cartoons while eating chocolates :D

  8. Definitely a winter person!
    Tea, Rainy days, bed, Pinterest – all too perfect. And you get to layers = wearing more amazing clothes!

  9. Ooh… so hard to choose! I’m a summer lover as far as weather goes, but I love the fashion in winter! And let’s be honest, winter fashion is a lot more forgiving around the midsection than summer fashion tends to be ;) Also, I never met a scarf I didn’t like!

  10. I prefer summer. I get so cold in Winter, and no matter how many layers I put on, they don’t seem to help. They instead drag me down, coz it’s really hard trying to get around with those extra thick jackets and stuff :)

  11. What! Why do we have to choose!? I like both, for different reasons. Summer for the outdoors, the sun, the swimming and the pretty frocks. Winter for the rain on the roof, the cool days, the snuggling on the couch and reading of books. Don’t disqualify me, k!? ;)

  12. I prefer winter over summer any day! :)

    The thing about summer is that it gets so hot that you basically want to wear nothing to cool off a bit but in winter, you can bundle yourself up as much or as little as you want.

    I tell everyone how i cannot wait for winter to arrive – to be fair, Cape Town did not get a very wintery winter last year!

    All the awesome fashion items that i could buy at Mr Price are endless for winter! I have my eye on a few pairs of their awesome jeans and well as they famous parka jackets i see everyone wearing!

    I am a girl who LOVES winter months but hates drinking any hot drinks (coffee, tea, milo, hot chocolate)…the list goes on. So in winter, I will drink cooldrinks and water ;) People cannot belive it!

    I’m also not a beach person – i am not fond of the sand between my toes :( so winter is serisouly the season for me!!

    I would LOVE to win a MR Price voucher – it’s my go-to shop for EVERYTHING! :D


  13. Would Spring be an option? Just kidding, I prefer Summer as I hate being cold but love what the Winter wardrobe has to offer… boots, scarfs, hoodies! Confused much?

  14. Definitely a winter person, im happy to put on boots and scarfs to keep we warm, but summer is hectic when trying to keep cool!! And yay for hot chocolate in winter :)

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