skinnies in obz

We had to run into observatory to pick up The Person’s drill from a friend so we can make some grow boxes this weekend and decided to stop for a drink before we headed off. You know, make the drive there worth more than a quick 5 minutes.

Honeybun is a quirky little corner cafe that boasts having the best coffee around, now, I can’t vouch on that as I didn’t try it but I can vouch for them having the best skinnies (pressed juice) and even Fysh agreed by the fact that he drank all ours as well as his.

We’re hardly ever that side of town though if we do find ourselves there again I want to try their brownies and maybe their freezachino.

honeybun observatory

honeybun observatory

honeybun observatory


2 thoughts on “skinnies in obz

    • please do! i’ve been having the worst cake craving but brownies aren’t really cake so was like nah i want cake damnit. so we drove all the way to plant for cake and they were sold out, even of their muffins and cupcakes. was so sad. the universe is conspiring against me and my need for cake i swear

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