this school thing

Fysh is grade 1 next year *cue wtf face* which means we’re now at that point where it’s time to pick schools. Enrollments open second term and that means deposits and decisions. Big decisions. Huge decisions. Life altering decisions.

And I have no idea what the fuck we’re going to do.

There are several options to choose from; government vs semi private vs private vs farm school. Taking into consideration those deposits I mentioned which are non refundable by the way and the monthly cost of school, uniforms etc.

Farm school wins hands down but that would mean moving out to hoekkiesdam which both Fysh and I would LOVE to do and I think we’d absolutely thrive out there but that’s giving up this job and hoping to the stars above I get enough drawing and freelance commission work in every month. It’s an option though and you never know what the next 9 months hold.

But because that isn’t a given we have to look at schools closer to home for now which leaves 3 options, well two actually, the third one is kinda a last resort. My brother went to the one and he seemed to do alright, we’re just not in the direct feeder area for it so we’ll have to hold thumbs he gets in but then it’s uniforms and conforming to the whole mainstream teaching system which we struggled with before. Now that he’s in Montessori he’s thriving and doing so damn well but they only go up to Grade R. I’ve been pleading with his teacher to offer higher up but I doubt that’s going to happen sadly.

I just remembered that there’s also the homeschool option and there is a homeschool school in our area run by his very first nanny that might be an option but we’ll have to see if they’d take on grade 1 as I remember it used to be high school only.

Urgh, this school thing is giving me absolute nightmares and so many grey hairs that stylebar is going to have a field day covering them up again. I’m telling you, this school business isn’t for sissies, financially or otherwise.

I just want what’s best for him and there is just so much to keep in mind when making the decision. I’m glad I have my moms input as well as The Persons but at the end of the day I have to make that big decision on my own and hope to fuck that I made the right one.



15 thoughts on “this school thing

  1. You never know that you made exactly the right decision. But its a long term thing – choosing a school. Once they are in it it is best to keep them in the same school so keep that in mind. Also never underestimate the convenience of the closest school to either home or work (and work counts for being in the feeder area)

    • yeah I’d love to send him to the school here where i work but i also don’t want to as work is fleeting, or it’s my experience anyway and i also don’t want to send him to a school where he’s going to get lost in the crowd either so it’s a tough call. all the schools i want to send him to are too far logistically.

  2. Story of my life at the moment! Vredenburg only has government schools. The primary school has 1 English class which is filled to capacity at about 35/40 children. I just cannot allow my child to get lost in a sea of other kids, she is very clever, and her teachers all agree that she needs attention from her teacher.

    We are lucky, Jae is just like her parents, and thrives in a strict environment, when we went off searching for schools Curro in Langebaan suited us perfectly. But it is expensive, and then there is the travel and financially we are probably going to be taking a bit of strain, but I need to do what is best for her. And that school is what is best for her, and it goes to matric so school search is over for me…..

    • Lucky! I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do about this school thing, we have a month maybe two then we’ve got to start enrolling him and I don’t even know where I’m going to come up with the fucking ridiculous deposits they want nevermind the monthly costs etc. I sommer go sit in a corner and cry. Glad you found something that suits you guys though, am sure J is going to be happy there x

  3. I’m with Cat, it is a massive and tough decision but I also think one that needs to be considered for the long term because moving kids is so disruptive.
    Tough one, but really, all you can do is trust your gut and go with the one you think will be the best fit for him.

    • yeah I get what you’re saying the thing with us though is we’re a family that tends to move oftenish so I’m not looking at something like that i just don’t want to send him to a school where he’s going to get lost among all the other numbers, he thrives when he gets attention.

  4. We enrolled Jae last year as I was so scared that we wouldn’t get her a spot. Deposits etc need to be paid later this year after evaluations are done…….. Scary stuff!

    I am sure that you will find the perfect spot for him hun, as parents we seem to somehow let our insecurities and issues get in the way. Fysh is an amazing strong boy,…..

    • i think my biggest fear is him getting lost in school, those big classes and so on, they didn’t work for me and i don’t think they work for him, he’s much preferring the attention from his teacher now

  5. Choosing a school is really hard. My advice as a Mum who has put three kids through school, one Aspie, one high functioning Autistic and one gifted is go for a school that suits Fysh but also look long term as to whether or not the school will give him the tools to cope in the real world. I am a huge believer in Montessori for kids who do not fit into the mainstream role as they can develop and learn at their own level. Kenneth went until he was 12 but Jess went to a private school from Year 1 as she was extremely competitive from young and needed a lot more extension. My experience with a lot of home schooled Aspie kids is that they just cannot function nor do they have the skills to integrate. If you can find a good private school that has a Gifted and Talented program to keep Fysh stimulated and hopefully have small class numbers he should thrive. I am well aware the $$$ are huge but where this is a will there is a way. x

    • There is one near my office that would be the best fit for him i think but in my experience work is fleeting and i’m so scared i put him here then lose my job. i really want to move to the farm. holding thumbs the answer comes soon.

  6. There is a fabulous independent school in Parklands with only 10 kids per class, no uniforms, no real homework. Google Big Bay Academy and see what you think :)

  7. I wrote up a whole long story about schools as a comment yesterday and lost it as I ran out of quota time at work. Your blog is considered social media for which we get 5 minutes at a time quota. Ugh!
    So, long story short, we put Mitchell into Blouberg International for 2 reasons: his brother is there and the foundation phase teachers come highly recommended. But I still see problems ahead. His teacher, who we just got to like very much is leaving at the end of this term(story of our lives).
    He must go for psychometric testing, mainly for speech but want to do full tests. We have been through the mill with his older brother and I am not really happy with him being at this school but we will have to reassess after exams in May.
    If you ever need help or advice about any schools in particular, let me know.

    • Oh no that’s horrible! I hope his new teacher is great as well. We’ve got till next term or so to still decide. I just need to go see a few more. Apparently there’s another private homeschool in parklands. Going to go check it out.

  8. It’s a tough one. I am also struggling with this. Schools are expensive too, you have to figure out cost and location. I kind of know what I want I just don’t know how we’re going to pay for it.

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