*scratches head*

We had our first (and hopefully last) run in with lice this weekend *shivers*.
What was worse is that The Person and I had to do our hair as well and we found a little critter or two in our hair. So grossed out. Do you know how difficult it is when you have long thick hair and that damn comb is so tiny and fine.

Then when you’ve shampooed and gotten rid of those horrid little things you have to pretty much boil everything; bedding, pillows the whole shebang. It’s a bloody nightmare I tell you and I am so glad that we haven’t had to deal with this before. Plus Fysh is blonde so we caught it a little late – hence us getting it probably. I have no idea where he could have picked it up, apparently none of the other kids at school have/had it so it’s not from there. But oh well, at least it’s all sorted now, my head still itches at the thought of it though. urgh. And according to the shampoo we’ll need to do it again this weekend just in case.

Guess it’s just one of those things you have to deal with as a parent.
One of those things no one ever warns you about.
The joys.


21 thoughts on “*scratches head*

  1. Oh it i the worst thing in the world. I have a brilliant way to prevent it though – has worked for us for more than 3 years (A has super fine hair which they love). Buy Lennons Bergamot essence – add a quarter bottle in the shampoo, 1/4 in the conditioner and a 1/4 in a spray bottle that you spray over the hair every morning. Very important – add a few drops in the final rinse water after every wash.

    It does not work if they already have it – but works perfect for prevention.

  2. We had a lice scare last week! Fortunately neither of the girls got, but I had visions of going through Angie’s waist-length curls with that fine-toothed and I wanted to cry. I’m actually also working on a blog post about it.

  3. Jessica had it when she was in Year 1. She had thick curly locks down to her bottom. It took three bottles of shampoo and both the nanny and I hours and hours to comb through. I can remember sobbing at being a bad mother. 😃. Thankfully we cleared it and did four repeat sessions.

    Tea tree oil is also a great preventative.

  4. Yikes, two years ago while at a family friends, I scratched my son’s head and saw something move…I checked…showed my mom and she identified it as lice! I absolutely freaked out at these tiny little critters (and in the process I also freaked my son out – oops!!!). Right there an then I asked the family friend to please shave my son’s beautiful curls…once home I bought a lice kit, did all the bedding, did everyone’s hair and just went all out. I know my actions were extremely over the top, but hell, it freaks me out to see tiny things crawling around in my son’s hair. Since then I still wash his hair with TeaTree Shampoo every other week and use the spray on his hair at least twice a week. I now also make a point of checking his hair when he sleeps.

  5. My friend says her daughter used to pick it up all the time at school and she got this tip from a another mom – when she washes her hair she adds a drop of tea tree oil to the shampoo and she says since she started doing this her daughter hasn’t got lice worth a try and its natural

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