stuff you Michael Buble

We were supposed to go see Elf at the waterfront last night, we were all really excited; the picnic basket was packed and blankets were folded. But no one mentioned that Michael Buble was going to be in town… The Person got stuck in traffic for 3 1/2 hours and then because he drives an old diesel merc it over heated.

Needless to say we didn’t make the movie.
Have you tried explaining to an excited kid that plans have changed? Yeah, no fun. So I let him have cupcakes for dinner. They were really good custom cupcakes that Meg from Mind the Curves made for us as well. They didn’t do much to placate my rage but at least they made him happy.

The great thing is that The Galileo is really on the ball and I had an email from them apologizing this morning, it’s not their fault, they couldn’t control the traffic or there being a concert on the same day but they sent it anyway and that for me really made an impact. We’ll be giving this another try, hopefully we’ll be able to actually experience the whole outdoor cinema thing without a hiccup soon. There are a few good movies still showing so now it’s just to pick one and plan out a date night. Or maybe we shouldn’t plan it because that seems to be where we went wrong.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out a brand win for them. It really is very much appreciated.
And if you’re craving cupcakes give Megs a call. Dare I say her cupcakes are nearly as good as mine :P


6 thoughts on “stuff you Michael Buble

  1. That is awesome of them :) I am definately going again, had a great evening, which would have been even better if you were there.

    • so glad you guys at least made it! sorry for the lack of cupcakes though. we kinda ended up eating them in traffic hahaha. very nice of them. not sure what we’re going to try see next though. maybe go in april. hopefully we don’t pick a date we rain out on.

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