it’s okay. the book

I watched To write love on her arms (the movie) this weekend and it struck a very big chord with me. If you are/know/love someone with an addiction/disorder/who self harms then PLEASE make an effort to watch it.

Because of it my doodles were a little more personal and I doodled a little girl holding a sign that says “it’s okay” which seemed to ring a bell with a few of my followers as well. I went to bed but woke up at 2am with the story. I’ve been trying to force a story out for a long time now and it’s here without any force or threats. She sparked something in me and the lightbulb finally went on.

There is going to be a book. I am 4 pages in. She’s telling me her story. And I am beyond excited for this “project” and I can’t wait to finish it and share this with you. I don’t know what I’m going to do with publishing etc yet. I might sell shirts etc with her on to raise funds to self publish or perhaps I’ll get lucky and it will resonate with a publisher. For now it’s still in my head but I promise you’ll have access to it by mid year. Christmas gifts for every one hahaha.

Anyway… I need help with names. So suggest away please (for both of them)
And thank you, for all the support. A lot of you have been encouraging me to write this story for a long time. This is going to be dedicated to all of you xxx

fox illustration


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