a work update

I’ve been with this company for 5 months now, my probation ends next month so hold thumbs I’ve wowed them enough to stay on board. I can honestly say I’m enjoying it. Yes it’s an office environment and I still haven’t really adjusted well to being cooped up indoors all day but I’m managing. I have a great boss who sorta kinda gets me and is a good laugh. She also buys me soy latte’s so that’s a bonus ;)

I started off here as a wordpress web developer seeing as I have several years experience on the platform but now also do a lot of graphic design which I love.

A lot of learning has happened as well, the boss lady handed over her login details to her subscription on Lynda.com and has started letting me spend 2ish hours a day watching videos on it. I’m not limited to Photoshop anymore and that Illustrator isn’t as scary as I thought it was, I actually prefer it now and most recently I started watching videos on InDesign and Typography. I’m having one of those “must learn all the things” phases and the boss is an enabler. I already have a few more videos lined up including html, css and php and have taken to watching them at home instead of watching series or movies now. Such a nerd I know.

Besides my 8 to 4 I’m also taking on custom illustrations and working on stationary lines, books and tshirts. I’m growing my drawings in the background and they’re slowly getting there. One day that’s what my life is going to be about, those little doodles of mine will let us live outside the cities reaches. But for now I’m working hard on getting them there in my spare time.

And of course there’s the work of motherhood thrown in between all of that as well. I can’t complain on that front though, Fysh really is an easy going kid, I hope this doesn’t mean I’m in for some rough teen years but somehow I doubt it. He’s a good soul.

And that’s life and work right now. I have a great job, a passion that’s taking form, a person who likes me and a healthy happy kid. New medication that’s working. It’s good.



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