right. let’s do this shit!

So as of yesterday (well Tuesday) my life took a turn and I’m officially a freelancer. I am my own boss. The only person that can put me down or pick me up now is me.

I am scared fucking shitless, it’s nerve wrecking and daunting and I feel like I’m way in over my head but at the same time I am beyond excited, I’m happy and giddy and completely ready for this.

I’ve already registered a domain (well The Person did) and am just waiting for it to verify so that I can get my website going. I keep having new ideas and more ideas of things to put up on it. I’ve already started putting my portfolio together and have taken on 3 projects since yesterday.

Do I know what I’m doing? Not at all. BUT I have the most supportive tribe ever. Everyone who’s heard I’ve gone freelance has sent me congrats and well wishes and it makes me think that being thrown into it was a blessing in disguise. I’m looking at this positively.

What I have done (even though only a few days in) is stick to my schedule of getting up and ready for work early. I have bills and school fees and stuff that needs paying so I there’s no being lazy, I’ve got to stick with it. Wake up early, work till midnight if I have to. I can and will do this.

Soon as Charlie Foxtrot is up I’ll share it here. All your support no matter how big or small is appreciated xxx


16 thoughts on “right. let’s do this shit!

  1. Absolutely the very best of luck! I am sure that with your attitude it will be a big success. And yes, sticking to working hours however you may need to adapt what is traditional is hugely important.

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