27th sun rotation

It’s my birthday! The annual celebration of my rotation around the sun.

I’m sort of sad to see 26 go, it was a good year, highs and lows but mostly really good then again if it was so good I can only imagine how great 27 is going to be.

Yes I was spoiled, I got to have breakfast with my family and spend the day with my person. Another bonus of freelancing. I got to visit a store called Deckle Edge in Woodstock and I swear I thought I’d died and gone to artists heaven! It was amazing and i can’t wait to go back there one day. Didn’t really walk out with much cause art ain’t cheap but was spoiled to a few new brushes and some gold ink. Feeling all Potterish ;)

I had to laugh at myself though, I always think it’s hilarious when the ladies on our BWB chat group go on an on about make up and brushes etc. Yesterday it was my turn except that my pallet was watercolour and my brushes weren’t for make up.

Also. Shoes. OMF the shoes. The Person spoiled me to the most amazing shoes and as soon as they arrive I’ll show them off. I’m not really a shoe person, even in winter I walk around barefoot. But these, I might just sleep with them on!

And to end the day off I had a delivery of vegan cupcakes from a very special friend just to complete an already perfect day.

Blissfully happy :)


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