cake, jungle gyms and curry

It was my birthday on the 28th and I wasn’t going to really do anything to celebrate it but then I won a cake on Caffeine and Fairydust‘s blog from Bosworth Bakery so I decided to take it as a sign and set up a day to invite everyone to celebrate with me.

I tend to not celebrate my own birthday’s because when I was 10 I had a party and only 2 people showed up. It scarred me for life and it’s probably why I make such a huge deal out of Fysh’s birthday’s cause I don’t want it happening to him.

Well my “party” was a flashback of my 10th with only 3 people showing up for it but you know what? Even though I was really disheartened about it I can say I had a wonderful time and those that showed really made me forget the fact that some people are just assholes. We laughed, had cake (REALLY good cake) and far too much food. It was good and if I had a choice to do it over I’d have it the same way again.

bosworth bakery, chocolate cake


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